Taqueria Alondra's
302 Rio Grande NW . ABQ
(505) 639-7748
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Wanna know the difference between New Mexican
and traditional authentic Chihuaua Mexican cuisine?

New Mexican is Red or Green smothered in sauce
and Chihuauan is not smothered - no sauces, fresh herbs, lemon/lime, butter - ceviches, oysters on the half shell and other seafood dishes. The authentic traditional Mexican dishes at Taqueria Alondra's are simple, clean, fresh creations with no added preservatives.

Taqueria Alondra's, established January 2018, located on Rio Grande near Old town ABQ, is pure Chiuahaun Mexican Cuisine. Each order is custom prepared, by Alondra, Yara or Mom with their years of cooking expertise.

Cozy roomy adobe, with high ceilings, handmade tables, hugged entirely by full length windows facing Rio Grande on one side and ABQ Old Town on the other, directly behind the Basket Shop.

Don't expect a quick dining experience at the quaint taqueria because, EVERY menu item is custom composed when ordered, including the tortillas. Each dish is prepared by Yara, Alondra and occasionaly mom, no sous chefs, no prep cooks, no waitresses, no assistance, sometimes with a full house. It's just the two sisters. For instance, order enchiladas - fresh made dough is retrieved from the fridge, couple of tortillas are quickly cranked out on the cool tortilla mechanism (see video below), thrown on grill, hand dipped in oil, flipped, then cheese, onions, tomatoes, herbs, and meat is added, hand rolled, placed on a plate, then repeated till dish is complete.

I hope that gives you an idea of the special attention
every meal is given!

The day I was there, Yara made a shrimp taco for me, from scratch. I watched her chop the raw shrimp, poach it, throw it in a pan with butter, onions, tomatoes, cilantro and lime juice.
It was light, healthy and deeelicious!.

Finally, she demonstrated the Asada taco process, prepared in a similar fashion. I watched her take the raw meat out of the cooler, chop it, grill it and compile it.

So, when you visit this taco eatery get comfortable, let out a breath, experience that slow old mexico feel, sit a bit, have a few beers, enjoy the ambience while your food is meticulously constructed.

Alondra's does red chile pork tamales and
green Ananheim chile cheese tamales. Always fresh!

They offer many taco choices (Taqueria means taco restaurant in spanish) including: Asada-Steak, Carnitas-pork, Al pastor-marinated pork meat, Barbacoa-cheek meat, Bushe-pork, Pollo-chicken and Carne Molida-ground beef.

For breakfast the tequeria offers three burrito options - shredded beef machaca & eggs, chorizo & potato & eggs or ham & eggs, all served with rice and beans.
Yara is working on a perfect pancake. Soon.

Tortas! Yep. Fresh baked tortas! Not familiar? A large scrumptious hamburger bunlike, cut in half, toasted with choice of meat, lettuce, mayonnaise and tomato.

Platters include:
burritos, sopes, flautas, enchiladas, rellenos and tacos and they all come with rice and beans.

Featured seafood dishes are Lemon garlic shrimp, shrimp cocktail, mango chipotle shrimp - a recipe Alondra originated, fried talapia, camarones and oysters two ways.

Chips, guac, gorditas, horchata, bottled beer and pineapple, strawberry, mandarine and grapefruit aguas frescas, nachos,
a la carte and children's menu.

Want to escape to a bit of old town, bordertown,
while enjoying fresh clean food?
Taqueria Alondra's on Rio Grande ABQ
is just the place for such a staycay get away.

Hours: Sun.-Thurs.
Summer 11-8 Winter 11-6
Closed Tuesday.
Fri-Sat. 11-8

It's best to park at Walgreens on Central
and Rio Grande and walk across the street.