Duke City Floral
2810 2nd St. NW, ABQ
(505) 916-5689

Master Floral Designers

Foliage, greenery, fresh cut flowers...Who doesn’t love the smell, the beauty of flora, vegetation, leafage? I myself love growing it, I love cultivating it and giving a bouquet or one perfect bloom from my yard to someone I cherish, but most of all, I love getting an exquisite arrangement created by a master floral designer!

Master floral designers are artists in a category by themselves. They hone their skills and are meticulous about their craft, working with glorious specimens to create eye candy for the senses. They have passion.

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting two such passionate and talented designers, Yoli and Brian, the owners of Duke City Floral. Though their quaint shop located on second near Menaul is a mere 6 months old, they have both been in the industry for decades.

Each started their careers in ABQ on opposite sides of town. Kismet brought them together to form a dynamic duo of love and talent!

Aire “Yoli” Yolanda, beautiful on the inside and out, says “her design abilities are a god given talent, loves her job and feels very blessed”. Yoli started her career in the early 90’s and worked her way up to an executive design team at a large and popular local florist.

Brian himself has a flowery past. In 1994 he was asked to help do bouquets for some large local corporate accounts and developed a love for it. He opened his own shop, JB’s Floral Design, where he became a master designer in his own right. After hooking up with Yoli, he soon convinced her to become independent and to open a location together.

Voila, Duke City Floral was created. They each had developed a pretty good client base and knew they could reap all the benefits for themselves. It was an easy decision. They found a great location, with a versatile landlord, in no time and in Nov. 2017 they started their journey together.

Duke City Floral can do it all. They love doing large corporate events of any size, but Yoli’s boutonnieres and wrist corsages for proms are in high demand. They can do indigenous plant arrangements, custom arrangements to add to the ambience of a wedding or a holiday gathering, birthdays, graduations, funerals, Valentines, gift baskets, anything your heart desires.

Not only are Yoli and Brian exquisite designers, they are just good and really nice people. You can feel the love between them- -at their lovely shop the minute you walk in (by the way it smells like heaven) and also in their gorgeous floral arrangements.

Brian wanted to stress that because they cater to Albuquerque locals, unlike a national co., they love to and do pass on a big savings to their clients as well.

Give someone you love a gift they will adore. Go by their store and choose from fresh cut flowers, pre-made gift baskets and much more, call in your order or use their website to pick a pre-arranged “signature line” piece of art. AND - ART IT IS!