Exotic Woods
1570 Juan Tabo NE
ABQ. (505)299-6945

Albuquerque Exotic Woods

Wood, Wood, Wood
Walls of gorgeous wood!

For years, Albuquerque Exotic Woods
has been a must shop for all levels of wood artists:
the professional, the hobbiest, the wanna be,
furniture makers, wood turners,
sculptors, cabinet makers...

Need wood? They have it!
Lots of stunning and unusual wood.
Of course, if they don't have it in stock
they will do their best to get it.

This story is another one of those
devine intervention types of stories.
Though the business had been around for decades,
the original owner of Albuquerque Exotic Woods
retired and closed the doors.
It sat that way on Menaul for several years.

Meanwhile, nestled comfortably
in the East Mountains, Johnathon,
one of those handy creative type guys,
plugging away constructively welding,
doing auto body fabricating,
woodworking and oh, so much more;
while Ashley, a dedicated OR nurse,
was working in Pediatrics at Lovelace.
Both were enjoying their busy lives.
Yep, life was good with their horses
and three boys-Chandler, Preston and Tanner.

Well, nothing good ever stays the same,
it gets better!
Things were about to change
and get a whole lot better.

In a conversation at work one day,
Ashley overheard a comment that
Albuquerque Exotic Woods may be up for sale.
She finished her duties, threw off her scrubs
and called Johnathon immediately.

Johnathon and Ashley - highschool sweethearts,
Rio Rancho natives, on the same wavelength,
discussed their options for about a minute.
They knew the original owner and it did not
take much more than that.
They contacted him. The agreement was easy!
The hardest part was fininding just the right spot,
but somehow they did. A large warehouse
with a couple of separate rooms
for classes and more product. Jackpot!
It really is the perfect location.

They opened their doors in September 2019
at the new location on Juan Tabo
between Indian School and Constitution.

The product is the same stunning wood.
They import from all over the world, including:
Africa, China,South America, Hawaii.
They also supply local oak, Alligator Julip
from the Gallup/Grants area and
mesquite from the Zuni reservation area.
Just a few of the other woods they carry
are: Red Gun, Red Oak, India Rosewood,
Cashew, Black Zimba, Zebra and Leopard.

They are very ecofriendly and only supply
trees that have already fallen from wind damage
and other natural causes,
"Some storms are gold mines."

Johnathon and Ashley will be doing
alot of upgrades to the business,
like adding new and more
exotic wood options.
They want to add lots of beginning
and advanced classes.
Several demos and classes are coming up
from the NM Turners Association.

They will eventually carry Jet
and other power tools.
Hopefully, a gallery will be added
to display more advanced work from artists
like, David Elliot, wood turner from Colorado
and eventually many more.

Exotic Woods is the only Ecopoxy
distributor in Alubuquerque.
They will be holding classes on this as well.

They carry pin kits, plastic blocks for seam rippers,
handles and many other wood accessories.
They offer a 10% Military, Senior and
First Responder discounts.

Ashley and Johnathon want to
catalog their inventory online eventually,
but will probably never mail the wood.
It is just too heavy.

They have limited cutting abilities for now,
but will be able to do more as they add tools.

Whether you are one of Albuquerque
Exotic Wood's life long customers,
who have sought out the new location
like the loyal customer pictured below,
have been missing them
or are brand new to wood -
look no more,
you have hit the jackpot too.
Albuquerque Exotics has what is
classic and trending in wood.

Business Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday
Closed Sunday and Monday