Improving Brain Power

is Kristen's, owner of Learning Rx ABQ, main goal.
She proudly says her title is "Brain Trainer",
but she is also finder of the facts,
champion, cheerleader and hero for the underdog.

From the time she was young, she was
standing up for that child who was bullied,
the ADHD/ADD child, the "problem" child.
It was a mission, a vision, her dream.
She left school early to follow this predestined path:
she took her education into her own hands,
got a GED and went to college at 16.
She studied speech therapy, but didn't stop there:
she completed a masters in counseling.
"She loves psychology", she said.
" And it has all led me to right now".

Kristen was hired as a brain trainer in 2009,
loved it, excelled at it and knew she wanted to
own her own center some day.
When Albuquerque's original owner,
who opened the center in 2009
wanted to retire in 2014, dynamo Kristen,
was the perfect candidate.
She was thrilled to become owner
of the only location in NM.

LearningRx has been around for over 30 years,
with 80+ centers in 34 countries.

They know what they are doing!

We all hope to be and want our children
to be efficient at

Reading, Writing and Arithmatic.

Sadly we don't all learn in the same way.
Some just need a little extra help.

"We can teach our brains how to do anything",

Says Kirsten.

Repetition of technique is the learning process at RX.
They boast of 80 sucessful reptition models.

First, an extensive evaluation,(an assessment on an IPad,
taking about 45 minutes) refines the diagnosis;
perfected to find what the students are good at
and what they are not as good at".

Learning RX is not tutoring!
It is the building and
retraining of the brain.

There is no curriculum. It is all customized training.
Learning Rx wants to get to the primary cause.
After the assessment, they focus on mid or low
level areas of skills. The student may have
varied strengths & weaknesses.

How much time you will need to be successful
is persona, but Kristen adds
that to improve reading you will need a
minimum of six months to a year.

Memory, processing speed and logic
are all important and will play into
the final goal - efficient reading.

Learning RX may be a first stop or more
than likely, a last resort, but have no fear,
they are successful 90% of the time.

Kristen loves that she is
part of the change.

In fact, she wanted to tell me that their process
isn't isolated to school age children.
She tells me, excitedly, that her most memorable
student was a 65 year old male
who had been diagnosed with dementia.
He wanted to be able to continue to work
a few more years and not be forced to retire.
She worked with him and he was very successful,
worked past his retirement, stops into to see her occasionaly
and enjoys improved brain power.

She loves working with the families too,
some who were at a point of desperation.
She loves that they are proud of the student in the end
and that the student has a better self esteem.

Learning Rx sells
hope and changes lives.

She can partner with classroom teachers,
work with principals or
whomever she needs to for the best results.

They prepare students for SATs.

Memorizing presidents (photo above)
is a favorite because, it works so fast
and is actually a good party trick. Ha.
The parents are very impressed right away.

Psychology plays a huge roll also. Kristen says
"we pay special attention to it, because most students
have low self esteem when they get started".
No "shoulding or nos" are ever used at the cente.
Lots of positive reinforcement is basic here.

Building brain power AND self esteem
are all victories they celebrate
positively along the way.

They are also Spanish speaking also.

Her own children have been in the program
and have benefited greatly. She admits
they have been her guinee pigs for any new formulas.
And best of all, once you learn the Rx methods,
you never unlearn them.

They can work with Down syndrom, epilepsy,
tourettea, traumatic brain injury, strokes, autism,
and more. As long as the student can answer verbally, Rx
they can work with them.

Learning Rx isn't opposed to turning away a prospect,
if they don't feel they need the help.

The Center is conveniently located.
Parents can drop off their children,
run to Target or finish other shopping
easily nearby.

Kristen adds as a slight afterthought...
if you're a lover of Escape Rooms,
she has a method that can help.

Call them to discuss personal possibilities
for your child or yourself.

Knowing there is help
is the first step.

You can't go wrong with Learning Rx
and Kristen! She and her staff are result oriented,
compassionate, driven and following a dream.