WE ALL HOPE to be, and want our children to be, efficient at reading, writing, and math. But we don’t all learn in the same way. Some of us just need a little extra help. The good news is we can train our brains how to learn and work more efficient. At LearningRx, this is possible. Their program uses a variety of mental exercises that improve the way your brain learns, thinks, and remembers. With the one-on-one help from the “Brain Trainers”, every experience is tailored to each individual and their family. The program is flexible to you. From scheduling to the time spent in the program, our main priority is what’s best for the student. By taking an assessment, they can clearly define a students strengths and weaknesses. This is where LearningRx can evaluate the primary cause of the learning struggles and customize the training to best help the client. Often, parents and students come to Learningrx as a last resort. But with every client she receives, Kristen Dickey, Director and Business owner of the LearningRx ABQ center, is determined to help them. Hired in 2009 as a Brain Trainer, when the center first opened, Kristen realized the impact brain training had, and fell in love with the process. So when the previous owner wanted to retire in 2014, Kristen had an opportunity to take over. LearningRx changes lives, not only the student’s, but the support group and family around them. Often, by the time a student has reached Learningrx, life has placed a wall of “cant’s” in front of them. With the support of the trainers and the change that comes from the program, LearningRx can be a turning point in a students life. The brain training program is not exclusive to any age, helping people from ages five through adult. LearningRx caters to all types of learning struggles. Partnering with many organizations, schools, and businesses, people who have met Kristen and experienced LearningRx, fully believe and support the process and change she and her business are bringing into Albuquerque. Located at San Pedro and Paseo, one block east from i-25, and being the only center in New Mexico, Kristen works with clients from all over the state. Getting the help you’ve been hoping for, starts with a conversation. Give LearningRx a call at (505)-856-1596, or contact them through their website.