Talia Freedman Realty

4116 Lomas NE

Meet New Yorker turned lover of all that is New Mexican, realtor-Talia Freedman. Talia, in her college years, landed in Albuquerque thru a student exchange program 30 years ago. The program was to last for one year. Well, you can guess how the rest of the story goes, Talia stayed in New Mexico and never looked back. She studied the arts at UNM, then worked in advertising for several years. She paints and has a very creative flair for design. She loves homes and the decorated interiors. In fact, cruising the internet perusing gorgeous homes is not just her business, but her passion. Real estate was a natural career for this creative, knowledgeable and focused lady. It was a good choice too. She has been selling lots of homes for many years.

Love a historic cozy adobe? Talia Freedman is the expert for you. She knows the ins and outs of adobe construction - positives and negatives. Having that kind of experience in your pocket when buying your next home can prove to be invaluable.

Interested in a trendy Mid-Century Modern home or condo? Mid-Century Modern is Talia's favorite design asthetic, so if it's yours too, she is your gal.

Real estate is a full time job for Talia and she loves working with seniors, retirees, relocators from both coasts, down sizing empty nesters and the LGBT community.

Not only does she love the look and design of a house, she loves the actual home buying process itself. Her ultimate goal is to make the experience enjoyable and as simple as possible for her customers. She once was found on the internet, by a buyer, through a google search of "patient realtor".

Talia recently became a landlord herself. She rents out space in her real estate building/office, located on Lomas just west of Washington. Right now she's housing a therapist, a masseuse and beauty specialist. She has two other rooms available right now. One for rent and one she's thinking of keeping for a lecture room. The office has a full kitchen, classic reception area and an atmosphere of camaraderie.

Talia has lived in the East Mountains for 14 years with her wife Kathleen and her four cats, two dogs (Faolan "little wolf", a german shepherd and Bijou, a golden retriever) and two chickens, she calls "old ladies". She loves the peacefulness and solitude the mountains offer, but travels to sell homes all over the Albuquerque metro, south to Los Lunas, north to Bernalillo, the west side and both valleys.

If youre looking to buy or sell an adobe or Mid-Century Modern house, condo, or interested in land to build on, want to relocate to New Mexico or are just looking for a good realtor, give Talia a shout. She won't let you down.