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Zerorez® New Mexico

Zerorez® New Mexico is not just another locally owned New Mexican cleaning establishment.  They are your neighbors and Zerorez® New Mexico is truly a “family” enterprise. You could say a "labor of love". Stephanie-the mom, Zane-the son and Derrick "Rick"-the dad chose Albuquerque specifically to start their new adventure, their new baby, their new business.
Right before the pandemic!
Can you believe their luck?

Well, their luck was good!
Though the timing was off a tad,
they made it work. Halleluja!
People were in the cleaning mood
and the clean trend (lucky for them)
is still in full bloom.

Zane, the natural born entrepreneur, is a very hard worker and truly a sweetheart. Zane has received special training and certification from the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) in several cleaning standards. He is the initiator of their Zerorez® business
(maybe the Z attracted him?).

Zane wanted to carry on the family tradition of being a police officer, at one time, but ultimately decided to go into management and has much experience being the boss in his brief 27 years. He says the business has made major transformations over the last year. They have made changes several times and have had to adapt. Haven't we all.

It's not just the families drive or their business saavy, or even that the world has been in a cleaning trend for some time now, that has kept them in the black. It's literally the product, the Zerorez® process specifically, that has kept them thriving in their new business.

Talk about green!
Zerorez® is non-toxic and uses no harsh soaps or chemicals to clean your carpets, tile-including grout cleaning and sealing, upholstery, mattresses, granite, pet odors...

They first use the zr lifter©, a machine with counter-rotating brushes that is highly effective at dislodging hair, dead skin, keeps allergens at bay and loosens deeply embedded dirt from carpet fibers that conventional vacuuming does not remove.

Secondly, they do not need to use harsh chemicals or soaps to clean but use Zr Clean™. Zr Clean is enhanced water that is electrolyzed and oxidized creating a powerful but safe cleaning solution. The water leaves no residue behind and is safe for families and pets.

Thirdly, their patented Zr Wand™ extracts twice as much water as competitors. Surfaces stay. cleaner longer, dry faster and spots are less likely to reappear--especially when the Zerorez protectant is applied after cleaning carpet, rugs or upholstery.

In fact, Zerorez received a Platinum rating (the highest) from the Carpet and Rug Institute.

Surfaces stay. cleaner longer, dry faster and spots are less likely to reappear--especially when the Zerorez protectant is applied after cleaning carpet, rugs or upholstery.

They offer three room and five room specials and will be offering some discounts towards the holidays. Don't forget to ask about the protectant. It WILL prolong the clean and the life of your carpet, depending on how often you vacuum.

Zerorez® has been lab-tested and proven to clean at the highest levels possible. No other cleaning method out-cleans Zerorez®.

You will never know the Zerorez® superiority, until you give their process and this cleaning family a try.

Zerorez® New Mexico is dedicated to cleanliness and safety. They disinfect their equipment in between every job, will respect your space by initiating social distancing and lastly, they adhere to CDC best practices. (we don't always wear them but will wear gloves and masks if asked or when suggested by the CDC).

Go to their website to fully understand the unique cleaning process. Give them a call for an appointment. They are about five days out at this point, so get your visit scheduled asap!

Say goodbye to DIRT, GRIME, DANDER, HAIR, PATHOGENS and left over residues from previous cleanings. Say hello to your neighbors, Zane, Stephanie and Derrick, Zerorez® New Mexico.

Zerorez New Mexico