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If you are in your teens, twenties or thirties, forties, fifties or if you are a young senior (like me) no matter your age, gender or race, whether you want to prevent damage or correct it, "Aesthetics" is not just "Trending", especially in this dry desert climate! Aesthetics need to be part of your daily self care regimine.

"Aesthetics" are for the skin
as Calisthenics and mobility
are for the body!!

There are so many safe, effective and now affordable options to partake in. Whether you want to boost your confidence, refresh your look or just have an awesome natural feeling, there is something to help you achieve just about anything you want to achieve. No more excuses not to have beautiful healthy skin!

Aesthetics are non-invasive
with quick recovery times

With all the latest and innovations in skin care, including hormones and vitamins, body lotions and face creams,
you really have no reason not to call.  They can do it all at Aesthetics Boutique Medspa.
Go ahead set an appointment to explore your options
and get started on your personal road to achieving

Perfect skin
and the look you deserve.

Get a facial! You know you want one.
Schedule an appointment so Belinda or Mia
can evaluate your wants and needs.

Call Aesthetics Boutique in the NE Heights
just E of Jefferson.
4273 Montgomery NE . ABQ
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Belinda has so many certificates of achievement,
she has run out of room on her office walls.

Mrs. Mori is highly impressive, qualified, a native New Mexican, ex-GI, educated, awarded, knowledgable, kind and considerate. Belinda started her career in the military as a GI Nurse Practioner. After eight years in the Army, she worked at Presbyterian Hospital for several more years, before reading an article about the new and exciting field of Aesthics. The new career path all started in 1995. She was intrigued and being ambitious and motivated, she moved forward pretty quickly. She continued much education on the subject and eventually made the transition into the profession. She worked hard helping others and ran several local medspas in Albuquerque and Santa Fe until she opened her own business in 2015.

On your initial visit Belinda makes you feel very comfortable,
as she thoroughly questions you inconspicuously,
about medical history, medications, skin care etc.

She continues, "counsels" a bit, clarifies what bothers you
about your skin and what you would like to accomplish.
She explains what is achievable and, of course, what is not.
You will be amazed at what is possible these days.
I was!

Belinda can look at your skin in one visit and see what would work best for YOUR SKIN. Of course, you might want a plumper lip, less cellulite, or a specialty acne treatment. That is easily achieved. A pouty lip is necessary to look good for the selfies!

Aesthetics Boutique Medspa offers many procedures
including: Acne treatment, Botox, Microdermabrasions,
Micro-needling, Dermal injectables/fillers, Laser resurfacing,
Chemical Peels and Facials; just to name a few.
They all work, each in their own way.

Aestheics Boutique Medspa carries
a wide array of skin care products,
including medical grade skin care products,
hormone replacements,
while offering the lastest trends in all catagories.

Call Aesthetics Boutique Medspa 
NE Heights  .  E of Jefferson
4273 Montgomery NE . ABQ
(505) 401-5395

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