Old Town ABQ
424 San Felipe NW
ABQ, NM 87114
(505) 243-6239

This is a tale so sweet it might make you blush.
A story of one of the oldest businesses still flourishing
in Old Town ABQ. A business that sets the trends
in candy while keeping delicious tradition.

Debbie, The Candy Lady, has been making candy
for a very long time. AND if you don't know about her
shop or her 33 flavors of amazing fudge, including the
new oozo and banana taffey, or her famous
peanut butter crunch that she has made from day one,
that tastes like butterfinger,
or her 25 varieties on her licorice wall
or her infamous x-rated body part chocolates
or her alcohol based truffles,
including Amaretto, Grand Marnier, Tequilla etc.
or her brittle with chile, pinon, pistacio from
New Mexico, (in fact, Debbie does a lot
of chile based candy) or last, but not least,
her blue Breaking Bad rock candy,
you have definitely been missing out.

Debbie, the original owner, has been in old town
(in three different locations) since 1980,
but her story did not start there.

Debbie started making candy as a child,
along side her mother. They would sell to the nuns.
They used original recipes handed down
from her mother's mother and her mother's mother.
She was taught how to make candy the old fashioned way.
She still makes the type of candy our grandmas
and great grandmas used to make.
No box mixes, no GMOs, no toxic additives,
no high fructose syrup, just natural ingredients,
made from scratch fudge, brittle, chocolate truffles...
hand made candy.

In the seventies she would sell at arts and crafts shows
and concerts at the convention center.
She lugged around and sold out of 5 gallon barrrels -
chocolate covered almonds, peanuts, peanut butter crunch
and fudge - all for 25c a lb.

She was so popular, she had to open her first location!
It was located on San Felipe across from where she is now.
She did, however, run into the first opposition
to her infamous x-rated chocolates at this location.

X-rated candy? Yes. In the 80's she started with
"Dolly Parton" suckers, if you know what I mean!
And they were a huge hit with most customers.
In fact, being a customer driven merchant,
Debbie had a loyal client suggest a new sucker
she had seen in NY. You can probably guess
what followed. More body parts!
Debbie works hard to give her clients what they want-
life like body parts and an x-rated room.
The Candy Lady was happy, her customers were happy,
but not everyone was happy, including her landlord...
so she moved rather than decease and desist.

Debbie always lands on her feet.
She wound up at the Y at Rio Grande and Mountain.
She offered many more appendages after the move and
thrived at this second popular location until 2014
and until another brilliant opportunity came along.

Debbie was asked to make all the props for that
controversial show, you know the one, Breaking Bad.
And then of course she had to sell the blue rock candy,
because she can't ignore her innovative and business savvy.
She then proceeded to incorporate tickets to the tours,
t-shirts, mugs, and other Breaking Bad gifts...

Again, opposition happened.

Being very customer oriented,
The Candy Lady decided to move once again,
rather than stop making the rock and dissapointing
tons of happy customers. In fact, she has really
played up the show in her shop now.

Not only can you buy tickets to the
Breaking Bad tour and catch the ride out front
on the highly recognizable beat up RV,
after your fudge samples, of course,
and after your purchase of chocolate covered pretzels
or your favorite candy; you can take advantage
of the highly utilized and cool photo opp
that features a sheet of the ice blue candy
and backdrops of life size cutouts
of the Breaking Bad stars...
She is no dummy!

She actually believes that the show has had a
positive influence on the drug culture by opening
the conversation about it. She doesn't agree or
understand the negative press.

I'm with her and also think this newest location
is my favorite Candy Lady location yet,
with soda fountain chairs and tables out front.
It also has easy access and ample parking.
BUT remember, San Felipe is one way,
so take the pleasant drive around the square
and past the church.

If you have never been, I'm telling you
the locals know The Candy Lady
is a must visit when in Old Town
or for just that perfect bite of candy
or that hilarious x-rated birthday prop
or for a memorable souvenir.
Stock up because you will wish
you had the minute you leave.

I'm salavating AND blushing a bit just
thinking about it. If you really haven't been,
it is time you do the same, blush a bit
and satisfy that sweet tooth.