Casa Verde Salon Spa

5113 Comanche Rd NE
(505) 881-0464

There's a new kid in town

and it's flying off the shelves...

Well, not so new is Casa Verde Spa,
an Albuquerque staple
beginning with Mr. Don's
in the 70's, 80's and 90's until
Donna took over and Jack came home.

It is most definetly a family affair!
Including all their employees.
They are considered family too!.

What makes this salon the class act
they have always been is,
yep, the familiar, welcoming, friendly,
comfortable atmosphere and mostly
the talented staff.

Casa Verde has been an all natural,
health conscience establishment for many years,
however, the family knew it was time for a change.
Products in general have improved over the years
and Casa Verde was ready to shake things up
and move forward with a superior natural,
environmentally safe
and healthy new product line.

Don, Barbara, Donna and Jack

searched high and low for just the right fit.
They researched many companies
and knew it would be difficult
to do better than Aveda. It had to be just right
to carry on the Casa Verde tradition of quality,
health and of course, the new company had to be
huge philanthropists.

(Look at little Madison!)

Honestly, some times I don't know how
Casa Verde keeps up with their charity work.
In fact, the day I was there they were
doing one for a children's charity.
Color a page and post it on instagram or FB and
they in turn donate a coloring kit to the charity.

I colored and posted mine on both,
after a fantastic hand massage
which included a couple of the new products.

Finally, they hit the jackpot and
found the perfect collaboration!
Introduced to and now totally committed to
the Eufora line of hair care products.
They are convinced they have
found the perfect new product line
and have joined forces with more
family who have a very similar
motto and tradition.


"Today, all Eufora products meet the most
rigorous standards in formulation,
utilizing Certified Organic Aloe
along with nearly 100 different
natural plant extracts and essential
oils, all of which are classified as
renewable resources and considered
biodegradable. Eufora never uses
mineral oil or artificially created colorants.
The fragrances are complex and naturally derived.
Eufora has chosen USDA Certified Organic Aloe Vera
as the base for Eufora shampoos, conditioners,
hair color and many styling products,
while nourishing,
healing and moisturizing,"

They carry a very vibrant line of fun hair colors,
that also meet their stringent requirements.
Just in time for the season.

It's that time of year! Go green?
Bright orange? Red for christmas?
Do all three or choose from
their many options for the holidays,
lots of colors to choose from and
luckily the fun colors are not permanent.

Eufora and Casa Verde understand the need for
when it comes to hair color.

The full range of products allows all colorist
to create whatever they can imagine.
Stop by for a free color consultation.

All the hair care products are available
in their store located right in the salon,

but hurry, because they have not been
able to keep the store stocked with the new
Eufora products.
Yep, the new kid is a huge success.
Casa Verde's numerous lifelong clients
are very happy with the conversion
and are loving the new line.

Casa Verde is the same great, reliable,
hospitable, family oriented, healthy, charitable
aromatherapy salon, but with a
beautiful upgrade in products.

Give it a try just for you. Real Soon!