Cavco Home Store

Home Sweet Home...

What does it mean to you? White picket fence, three bedroom in suburbia, sprawling mansion in a high income neighborhood, log cabin in the mountains or just a solid comfortable custom built from the ground up home?

For Eddie Thomas, GM of Cavco Home Store it is a huge plot of land east of Albuquerque with a reliable sturdy cozy dwelling. A place, really a family compound, where his wife, Marcella, and he could move his daughter and her family (grand kids) and his son. Plenty of space for privacy and close enough to walk to family gatherings!

Eddie knows and has been around the housing industry in New Mexico since 1983. He started as a salesman with A1 and was quickly sought for management with several other companies. He had four franchise locations of his own with Homes of America until they were sold.

In 2002 he was asked to manage Cavco Home Stores. He was thrilled because no other company in ABQ compares to top of the line homes from Cavco. Their homes are unique in design because they can actually beat site builders in strength and design.

Cavco homes start with 12” I-beams like trains. They have huge steel frames that support the floors, instead of wood. Steel beams and then wood, double sturdy. They have the best insulation and tight windows for minimal air loss. Every home is custom built for each customer. From start to finish the home has the owners name on it. Literally! At the factory they know they are building the home for “The Smiths”. The customers choose everything - the flooring, colors/styles, the appliances, the mini blinds etc. and everything is top of the line.

Cavco is a family working for families. Even the factory workers take great pride in their work and most have been long time members. In fact, Eddie was very emotional when speaking about Dan Forth who is retiring after 20 years. He wanted to shout out to thank Dan for his years of service and to let him know he will be missed.

Eddie knows all his competition and his product is hard to match. He says he would never leave Cavco, it’s just too good. He says It’s not about the money. “The customer is the main concern”. His family and friends ALL buy homes from Cavco. Other companies/competitors have 200-300 complaints on the internet. Not Cavco, everyone is happy. Everything is handled locally and in person.

Cavco has a 7 year plumbing, electrical, structural and appliance warranty. Included in every NEW home is air conditioning, free delivery and setup anywhere in New Mexico. They take care of everything so the homeowner is worry free. Unheard of!

Cavco aims to be the highest quality at the most affordable prices. "It is the Elite!" Says Eddie."

(They sell Palm Harbor, which is close to Cavco, but not custom and Fleetwoods to compete with all manufacturers. They offer all levels to compete with all manufacturers. They carry a few models you might be able to buy off the lot on Central and they always have what you want direct from the manufacturer.)

Cavco is not your mom’s mobile home or your track home, for that matter. They know how to build homes. Cavco and Eddie Thomas aim to please and are VERY PROUD OF IT!