Frank's Famous Chicken & Waffles

ABQ . 400 Washington SE . Open 11-7 Tues-Sat.

Souuuuuuul Foooooood

Frank's Famous Chicken & Waffles!!

Owner, Frank Willis, has a big persona; LA homie, 6'8" highschool/college basketball star, ABQ transplant via UNM Lobo basketball. Mr. Willis is now an entreprenuer, successful music producer, local Albuquerque DJ/radio host for Wild 106 and has a podcast/radio show on a station he co-owns:
AND is obviously a successful restauratuer.

Frank Willis and lil' sis, Tiffiany Willis, partner, delightful, front of the house - along with an efficient, friendly staff- offer one delicious food trend and style.

The Willis' started the original Frank's Famous Chicken and Waffles restaurant on a whim. Frank had the idea of opening a place like "Roscoe's", a beloved California restaurant. He got the idea after a trip to LA with some of his best buds. On the ride back home

Frank said,
"Albuquerque needs some soul!
Soul Food that is!"

So, with Tiffany's energy and great work ethic, the interest and hunger from the community, support from Frank's UNM Lobo fans and of course, his loyal music associates, Frank was pretty sure he and Tiff could make a go of a much needed restaurant.
Frank is proud of his Musicians, his radio shows and podcasts.
Check them out at:
Sundays 8-12 Oldies

Frank and Tiffany started very cautiously. They kept it small at first. They took the orders, cooked, packaged and delivered the food. They did it all right out of Tiffany's personal kitchen, out of her home. The business was exclusively a delivery business for many years.

Frank gives FB a lot of credit for spreading the word to all of his friends and for the initial success. It was good. Actually, it was great for seven years, but after seven years, it was time to get a brick and morter start, grant Tiffany her house back and really give it a go.
So give it a go, they did!

In 2013 they moved into the modest spot on San Mateo. You know the one next door to the piƱata store, between copper and Lomas?
It went well at this location for several years, but they were quickly outgrowing it...

Then in 2019 they found the perfect spot and moved into 400 Washington SE, where they currently reside. In Nobhill, half a blk. North of Zuni. This location is substantially larger, with inside and outside seating, a quaint private shady patio, ample parking. It is a really good place for a restaurant.

Things were movin' along nicely for the Willis' in 2019. They were establishing their groove, adding and perfecting their cuisine and polishing up the atmosphere at the new place. Their theme was and is music.

You cannot help, but notice "the guitar formerly named prince" staring you in the face, along with the other cool music memorabilia incorporated into the decor. They were very excited to offer live music. Their customers were very loyal and followed them to the new location. Life was good. The restaurant business was booming.

Then Boom! Bam! Bam! COVID! Bam!

Set back!?...Exclusively pick-up and delivery?! It didn't phase these two dynamos though. The duo was totally equipped, they easily adapted. Not even a blink.. They've been thriving ever since.

HOWEVER! They are excited to be opening back up at full capacity in June 2021! It will be like a re-grand opening for the Willis'. Inside and outside eating. live music again soon. Ample parking...

Same great Food!
Food with heart. Food with Soul!

If you haven't tried Frank's, you are missing some bold and delicious food: grits and shrimp with just a touch of cajun spice, cheesey, finished with green onion and bacon, for a delectible crunch; oyster and shrimp Poboys; traditional mac-n-cheese; light fluffy waffles; slow cooked greens with turkey, yum. Their waffles are so light/thin and crunchy, they give you two waffles under each order of wings and waffles, chicken tenders or wings and waffles, bacon pecan waffles etc. Each order includes a good amount of cinnamon butter and Frank's special homemade remolaude (reh-moo-lahd) sauce. Of course, they offer melt in your mouth catfish on their menu, with all the fixin's, watermelon beer, other local craft beers, koolaid! and sweet tea.

Check out their menu, they offer many more items, including fried pickles, Off the wall fries that incorporate mac-n-cheese, chicken tenders, bacon and green onion again for a scrumptious crunch. They even do a "Black Panther" pancake. And last, but not least, they do classic desserts, like pecan pie and sweet potato pie (or is sweet potato pie a side?).

Keep Frank's Famous Chicken and Waffles in mind for large gatherings too.
Call for catering prices and available dishes.

It's past time you meet Frank and Tiffany's delicious food. Feast on heavenly soul cooking. Eat in, relax on the patio, order on-line for pick up to go or delivery. Cater your next function.