Private Security

(505) 897-7390

It's nearly impossible to meet with
Mr. Aaron T. Jones, owner of IPS,
International Protective Services,
these days.
He is busier than
a one armed paper hanger.
You can imagine why.

I feel privledged that he still takes my call
at all and that he gives me these gems to work with.

Aaron texts me these quotes when I ask:
"What is on your mind these days"...

A little irritated,
He says,"What is on my mind?!"
Then answers...


"We have grown tremendously in the
Los Angeles Office. We have Malibu,
Pacific Palisades, Brentwood, Bel Air,
and have expanded into West Hollywood,
Hollywood and Santa Monica,
this last year.

We have opened an office
in Naples, Florida, along with,
Tampa and Miami.

We are about to open an office in
Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington, which are just across the Columbia River from each other.

"We have opened IPS Technologies. It is our new alarm, camera, access control and monitoring division".

We have been concentrating on hiring more quality officers, as well as, buying many more new Patrol Units."

Wow! I do not know how he gets it all accomplished.

Aaron protects the privacy of his clients, almost as much as, he guards them physically. He never talks in specifics, but is headed to Miami, as we speak (Cuba issues?)
and he recently opened an office in Portland, where there has been a mass exodus of the good kinda cop.

Is he there to recruit some of those guys for his business or is he there because they have a huge need for security? Or is it both?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to put two and two together. Portland is in dire need of law and Aaron's kind of order.

As far as, rocket scientists go, I'm sure Aaron and his staff were represented at the recent space launches. No doubt, their presence was felt at both of them.

Aaron's motto is:

"Our job is to protect
good people and
their way of life".

Jones has many high profile
personal security clients,
like Kurt Russel and his whole clan,
athletes, politicians, oil men etc.

Lately, he is focusing a little more on
business and residential security,
making it a whole lot safer
in your neighborhood and mine.
Thank goodness for us all.

Thank goodness IPS' home office is located here in Albuquerque!
With the New Mexico State Fair in August,

and then, immediatly after,
The International Balloon Fiesta, with millions of spectators visiting, New Mexico is in need of a buffer to crime. In need of a little peace of mind, some feeling of ease...

Not sure about you,
but knowing IPS is on the job,
makes ME feel a whole lot safer.

Lets face it!
Security is not just trending.
It is a necessity!

Aaron T. Jones made it to Homocide Detective. A really good cop, accomplished and he knows what "good cop" means when hiring security employees. He hires only ex-cops, ex-military and officers with solid security backgrounds. He is very proud of his canine staff and trainers.

IPS is actively hiring at all locations. So, if you are the kind of person who has a solid qualified background, might want to relocate, are serious about security and the security of people and/or their property, Aaron offers a competative package.

Aaron has made security
and surveillance very affordable
for most everyone.

Whether you are a business, a community, a private citizen, you can hire IPS-International Protective services for five dollars a day.

You heard me right! For the cost of a sandwich you can protect what is most important to you: Your family, Your property, Your business associates, Your community, Your neighbors...

Check out IPS Technologies surveillance package with alarm, cameras and monitoring. How can you live without it?

"You and your property
are their only concern".

There are many copy cats these days, but you are not getting the best defense, if you are not hiring International Protective Service and Aaron T. Jones.

505) 897-7390

Let IPS be your buffer, before anything happens.