International Protective Service (IPS)
505) 897-7390
P.O. Box 27527

Private Security

In today's volital and precarious climate, with the
"defunding" of police departments and the mass
retirement of the MOST seasoned and FINEST
officers, the time has come to employ this trend
and consider a private security company.

New Mexico is very lucky to have
a highly qualified private security option
that includes several of the most valued
and qualified of those lifelong dedicated officers.
Thank the lord they are still on the job!

AND for as little as a cup a coffee a day,
yep, five dollars a day, you can hire
New Mexico's very own, highly qualified
Security and Investigation agency.
IPS International Protective Service.
The price for security and piece of mind
is the same for commercial and residential services.
Prestigious IPS is owned and run by
New Mexican native, notorious gunslinger,
Aaron T. Jones.

Aaron was born in Artesia, raised in Tatum
and went to highschool in Lovington, NM.
His story starts here in NM, jumps to LA
and then comes full circle back to New Mexico.

Aaron and IPS has locations in LA,
Scottsdale, Midland Texas, Naples Florida
and of course Albuquerque.

Mr. Jones has been a bodyguard for
high profile clients, such as: John Mcain,
Govenor Martinez, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson,
Kurt Russel and the rest of his family,
Lawrence Fishburn and several
NBA/lakers stars, just to name a few.

Aaron guards many other High profile actors,
heads of states, Ceo's with worldwide influence
in the Oil and gas industry.

Knowing Aaron and his highly qualified staff
are on the job, should be comforting to us all.


"Our job is to protect
good people and
their way of life".

Aaron also says his ultimate goal is to
provide "A boutique style security and
protection firm easily afforded by everyone".

I believe he has succeeded!
But, it didn't start here.

Raised in a very small town, young Aaron,
super achiever, drummer in a band,
longed to make a name for himself.

So he loaded up his truck
and moved to Beverly, Hills that is...

The band did well for several years
in Los Angeles. However,
there came a time of upheavel and unrest,
not too much different from today's climate
(results of the Rodney King riots).

Along with the city being in turmoil,
a personal traumatic event and just maturing
in general, things changed rapidly and drastically
for Mr. Jones. He immediately needed a purpose.
He knew he could make a difference.
So, he went with his gut and followed his heart.

He became a cop.
He became a really good cop.

He stayed in LA for a while and
patroled the "projects", but he knew he could
accomplish much more. AND besides,
home was calling...Neeewww Mexicooooo.
New Mexico! So, home he came.

Mr. Jones immediately took a job
as a homicide detective with
the Valencia County Sheriff's department.
You might recognize Officer Jones from tv.
He has been featured on Dateline
and recently on Oxygen's Murder Mystery
Series, this past July 4th.

Aaron was always destined to be the
head honcho, the leader...the BOSS.

Aaron's stature alone
makes you aware of
his authority.

Aaron has it all.
A charming girlfriend of 14 years
and three beautiful daughters.
His mom and dad are still alive and well
in NM, as well.

Though Aaron travels quite often,
it's New Mexico that keeps him on the job
protecting us all.

Aaron has built a solid business with
over 200 field officers and
several high level retired police officials.
You also might recognize a couple of them
from "cops", local news casts
and other photo ops.

IPS employs ex-cops, former military
and officers with solid security backgrounds.

To name just a couple:

Ruben Barela, the chief of operations,
former BCSO who has been on
multiple episodes of cops.
Pictured top left.

Ray Chavez, recently retired
BCSO chief deputy,
Now head of the law enforcement division,
communication and fleet.
pictured with William Barr.

Craig Davis, a world class investigator
who has worked with agencies
from all over the world solving crimes.
He now works with a solid group of investigators
in the IPS SID division.
(special investigations division)

Aaron is very proud of his eight canine
staff members.

Robert Walker, retired Air Force
canine handler and military policeman,
pictured below was involved in training
at the Air Force Base here in Albuquerque,
ranked as one of the top training
facilities in the country.
Robert is just one of the highly qualified handlers
at Internationl Protective Service.

The dogs are all Malamute German shepherds.

Aaron's support staff is very impressive too.
Ex-security agents, Fire fighters etc.

Aaron says there is one main difference between
private security and the police department.
Private security is contracted by you, the client
and has been given the power to act as your agent.
That means they don't need a search warrant
to enter your property. They don't make arrests,
though they will hold suspects till the cops arrive.
Chances are with IPS it will not go that far.

You and your property
are their only concern.

They will observe not only the client,
the immediate area around the client
and all along the way, but they are your
shield against intruders and other threats.

IPS agents are trained to be investigators,
they develop a sixth sense
while observing your property,
they know what is going on!.

IPS resident average response time is
fifteen minutes or less, on a call for service
or alarm response. Aaron says that is unheard of.
Everyone wins with IPS! Including your neighbors.

Aaron is hands on and involved in
every aspect of the firm. He personally
interviews every potential client.
It is a relationship that he takes very seriously.

Aaron also owns a huge tacticle supply store
just off of Comanche. IPS Tactical.
It is open to the public,
but you must be liscensed to buy
many of the items.

Aaron T. Jones has lived a full, action packed life.
He has guarded some of the most high profile,
glamorous clients, but you can tell
he is most proud of his private security company.

I was extremely impressed with
Aaron's whole operation.

We all need to take advantage of this
luxury we have right here in our own backyard!

It is time! It is trending! It is necessary!
Why worry about your safety? Take action now
to secure your family, your property and your life.