One Stop Smoke Shop
1713 San Pedro Rd NE

at Constitution
(505) 702-9965
10 am-9 pm

E-pens and juice, cigars and wraps, glass for dry herb, hookahs and shisha, CBD and accessories . . . OH MY.

The smoke slowly clears, with 70's-80's classic rock gently crooning, in one of the homie, quaint, easily accessed local neighborhood strip mall shops,
at San Pedro and Constitution,
in the "MileHigh" district, ABQ.
Think Coronado Mall/fairgrounds.


This is a tale of two Richards - A son with a vision and a father with a mission - who are bth ABQ natives and graduates of Del Norte High. One Stop Smoke Shop was started by a very smart and innovative guy, just a kid really, Richard, the son. He had an idea way before it was trending. He wanted to open a smoke shop that included all the lastest stuff - CBD, cigars, vapes, hookahs, shisha, glass for dry herb and all the supplies. With financial help and support from Pop, the vision became a reality.
The business thrived for years.
Dad was proud!

Then, the unthinkable happened! A terrible fatal motorcycle accident took the life of the brilliant and very loved son. Dad was devastated and
had to close the business.

After some smoke had cleared, Richard was motivated to do something in memory of his son. It weighed on him, he couldn't stop thinking about their baby, the shop. Dad knew he had to open "One Stop" again and continue his beloved son's legacy.

Richard one had always been super supportive of Richard two and was involved with the workings of the business from the beginning.
Taking over felt comforting. Win Win!

It's been a few months since the re-opening of the shop. It still works! The shop is bustling with an energetic atmosphere. Buying and selling of smokes. What a job?

A glass pipe artist peddling his goods, some cigar buyers, couple glass enthusiasts and a guy interested in the newest technology and CBD, all came in during my short visit. It was hard to get Richard's attention.

During YOUR visit buy and sample some different things.
It's a smoke-in store. Love it!!
You can smoke right in the shop.
They have a good supply of popular cigars - natural leaf and small stogies-cigarellos, a few brands of cigarettes, CBD pre-rolls, wraps, papers, shisha and E-juice to smoke.
Try a couple of different things,
take home what you really like.

AND then, there is the technology. Keeping up with the smoking utensils tech is a another story. Ha. The day I was there, Richard had just recieved two space age vapes - a hookah vape (the catridges come in colors that correspond with the flavors. Very new, very amazing) and a new fangled ceramic e-pen. They were as excited as I was to break them open. Richard and Marissa, his knowledgeable, sweet, gorgeous, assistant, whipped out the directions and proceeded to get em' goin'. But, alas, the innovative apparatis sampling would have to be investigated another day. Soon. They both needed to be charged.

No worries,
the old fashioned way is always fine with me.

Besides, I was anxiously awaiting some samples of cigars and shisha. If you know me, you know smoking is my achilles heal. Afterall, Mark Twain, avid smoker, and I, share a day. So, I was more than excited to do the tasting!

The entire time, David and Marissa, were firing up the coals for a two hitter stylish hookah pipe. The number of possible hoses on hookah pipes goes up to double digits - partaaay. I was interested in the shisha, because they say it's a bit more healthy than cigars or cigarettes. It has less nicotine.

WE ALL KNOW that CBD is, by far, the most healthy smoke, especially in the vape tincture/oil cartridge form, with actual healing properties.
Love CBD! Partake often,
in all forms. The shop has a
good selection.
Benefits of CBD.

Finally, it was time to fire up a couple cigars. I started with a cherry Swisher Sweet BLK cigarello, grey with a black tip, very nice. Then I tried the outlaw leaf variety. I need a nice rock or glass tip for this type. Liked them both alot.

Was really thirsty at this point,

so, we headed to check out the beverage selection. Well, how about a chilled sugar free, vegan, CBD, coconut Mojito infused water? Yaaaas! Several flavors to choose from. Light and fresh. MMMMmmm.

Finally, the hookah coals were smokin hot'. Time to sample a lemon/mint flavored shisha. The sensation as you inhale, take a hit, a puff, (not sure what you can say anymore) is a cool, literally cold, subtle serene sensation, because ice is put in the bottom of the pipe with a little water. Love. Next visit trying the vape hookah for sure!.

One Stop carries much more variety and inventory than I could possibly sample. Their CBD selection is diverse!- (oil and herb)- creams, tinctures, pre-rolls and much more.
Truly worth an educational visit. It's time you did!

One Stop Smoke Shop is just the place for a first visit, it's not your typicle "head shop". If you've been intimidated in the past, but are also curious, a smoker, want to check out the trending culture, support local business, take home a few things to try? One Stop is just the place to break yourself in. It has easy access, ample parking and a friendly, knowledgeble, discreet and patient staff.

AND Richard is a gentle enthusiastic proprietor with a gem of a worthy mission, to honor the memory of a remarkable son. It's worth stopping by to grab a drink, some products or to educate yourself on the non-euphoric, not your 50's or 60's herb, probably your grandmas oils and tinctures, though. What are you waiting for?

Smoke em' if you got em'

If you don't got em',
get over to

Open till 9pm