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I have a friend who is suddenly having a bug issue.

I thought, "It's spring! We all have bug problems!"
"How bad can it be?" It turns warm and
poof, spiders and roaches and ants oh my!
Though a nusance, they are semi easy to manage or control,
except Odorous Ants and German Roaches evidently.

My friend, sorry to say, has German Roaches.
She has never had them, has never seen them
and they are apparently pretty smart, aggressive
and like rabbits on steroids, if you know what I mean.
They are not going away easily!

They might be coming from her neighbors,
things she brought home from a garage sale or
maybe just groceries from the other day. Really.

The German Roaches love the climate
inside of your cabinets and
can hide from you for months.
Heebie Jeebies!! Whoa!

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My friend needed help! She needed an expert!
And she needed it fast!

She called Pied Piper exterminators.
They have been around ABQ for decades and
are locally owned
She heard they were the authority on
pest control in New Mexico.

Pied Piper Exterminators are very knowledgeble!
Tim, the current owner has been working in
Pest Control since he was a child.
It's in his blood. Literally.
Tim's father started the business, in 1961,
after traveling around the state
managing for a large pest control corporation
for many years.

Tim has worked in the business his entire life
and became sole proprietor
after his father's retirement in 1974.
His middle son, Ian, is now continuing
the tradition working along side his father.

That is how you become
an expert on New Mexico pests.
Years and years, generation after generation
of experience.

Pied Piper is also the the DYI experts.
They sell just about anything you might need
to take care of pests yourself.
They sell everything in their shop
on San Mateo, just North of Central.

They closely abide by all the EPA guidelines,
ensure the safety of the public and your pets.

Today's pest control products are regulated by the EPA
with years and hundreds of millions of dollars of research.

My choice is NO German Roaches. Thank you.

Pied Piper also does animal control.

If you have a pest that needs exterminated,
taken away, wiped out in the healthiest method available
by the most knowledgeable guys,
Pied Piper with it's owner,
Tim, his Son, Ian, and his two employees,
Gilbert and Bill, both who have worked for Pied Piper
for over 25 years, you have gone to the right place.

Maintenance programs are by far the best way
to keep the pests under control.
Ask Tim about their convenient plans.

Pied Piper works by appointment,
but for do it yourself products
Store Hours are:
Monday - Friday 9-4:30
Saturday 9am-NOON