Quarter Celtic Brewpub
1100 San Mateo NE
Quarter Celtic Taproom
1930 Juan Tabo NE

Family Owned and Locally Operated

One of the most unique aspects of ABQ
is it's diversity: Spanish, Native American,
Mexican, Anglo, Jewish, Japanese,
Chinese, German, etc. and now
Irish/Scottish is represented
in the most delicious way.

Quarter Celtic - Brady and Rory Mckeown,
brothers, are lifelong Irish/Scottish
New Mexican natives. Yep.
You can tell just by looking at em'.

Bout three years ago,
after lifelong experiences working in
some of the most cherished restaurants
in ABQ, the two brothers,

along with 3 other owners-
Facey, Wells, Sullivan and Mckeown,
decided to take the plunge
and open their own place.

Truly an understatement.
The original "Brewpub"
is quite the spectacle,
located in "The Courtyard"
at Lomas and San Mateo.
It's been a local secret for way too long.
(lots of parking down under).
A classic Brewpub with excellent food!

Brady has been brewing commercially
since 1993. In fact, Brady was one of
three of the original brew masters in
Albuquerque and is proud of the many
awards he has won for his craft beer.

Who knew a love of beer
and mastering the perfect brew
would become such a trend?
Brady continues to perfect his beer and
if you're lucky you might see him or
his staff working on new batches in their
huge vats at the original San Mateo location.

The original location is large and in charge. ha.
The outside seating is one of the largest
fresh air seating areas in ABQ - seating 85+.
Take the whole family, including the furbabies.
Sit outside and enjoy the gorgeous NM weather.
Have a fabulous meal and of course,
a couple of local craft beers.
Be cautious though, they are so
powerful, there is a three drink maximum!

You may think the beer or the huge patio are
the appeal, but you would be wrong.
The food is the main attraction!
The faire is classic Irish/Scottish,
hearty and delicious!

After the success of the regal San Mateo
location there was much begging,
pleading and bribery from the regulars
to open a neighborhood pub closer to home.

The second location on Juan Tabo
is NOW OPEN! It is a bit smaller
than the original, but it is alot
larger than it looks from the outside.
A classic Taproom!
It definitely has a Cheers vibe!

Several tables of regulars were there the
day I popped in to meet Rory.
In fact, they claimed to be the instigators
for the new NE location.

The customers seemed very happy,
enjoying their large plates of
Fish and Chips, Mash and Bangers,
Scotch Eggs and I think I saw a batch
of pretzels and beer cheese too.
Of course, all plates were
accompanied by large mugs
of "Crimson Lass", the resident lady,
a delicious red. I'm sure the diners were
all members of the "Mug Club".
(Ask about it next time you go.)

Rory uses the beer in many of the
establishment's recipes. Couple of the guys
might have been sipping the stout.
Quarter Celtic also carries a few local wines.

The groups were friendly, jovial guys
who wouldn't let me take their pictures.
Probably skipping work,
maybe just enjoying lunch. Ha.

The food is suprisingly light.
I tried the Fish and Chips, a
Scotch egg with a scrumptious spicy
mustard dip, and of course, the classic
sausage, "Mash and Bangers."
Their coleslaw is of the
red cabbage vinager variety,
no mayo...floats on air,
Yes, it is that lite! yummo.

Don't forget to take home some libations
for later or stop by to pick up
a couple of take-out quarts.
They start at $7.

Rory says, their specialty is corn beef.
he brags that people will drive across town
for their Rubens. They have a
large variety of other sandwiches too,
along with classic Shepherd's Pie,
Corned beef and Cabbage (all year long!),
soups and salads, including a Celtic Cobb.

If you're in the mood for just appetizers
and a brew, Quarter Celtic can accomodate
easily and amazingly. They offer
several options like Shillelagh Sticks -
pretzel sticks served with
beer cheese - drool!,
Poutine-fries with cheese curds and gravy,
Haggerty Skins - potato skins,
"Just bacon"- pork belly and bacon
and several other options.
I am salavating just mentioning the options.

The Juan Tabo location
has outside seating also.
Bring the pups, bring the whole family!
Enjoy a great meal, relax a bit
with a delicous local craft beer and maybe,
just maybe, you'll catch handsome
hunky Rory in a kilt...

Bagpipes? Maybe.

Quarter Celtic, at either location,
is a trend I am going to make a tradition.
Give it a try!
I think you and your family will too.
Business Hours:
Monday - Thursday
and Sunday 11am-10pm
Friday & Saturday 11am to 11pm