Richard's Mexican Restaurant

3301 Menaul NE . ABQ
(505) 881-1039
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Mexican food may not be what you think
when you hear the name Richard,
but Richard's Mexican Restaurant is. It is exactly what you think
when you think lite Mexican Faire, easy I-40 access,
thirty year anniversary at the same location on Menaul.
You know just West of Carlisle by American Furniture.

Home of the, "according to my friend Thomas",
famous Relleno Taco.

Richard's Mexican Restaurant
is simply fresh and delicious Mexican food.
The restaurant is bright, clean, colorful
with Mexican Faux finishes and neon lights.

The staff is sweet, friendly, attentive and have been
happily working for Liz and Richard's Mexican
Restaurant for a very long time.

Liz, the current owner started as a server herself
in 1998, shortly after the restaurant opened.
She was soon promoted to manager.

Liz managed the restaurant continuously,
for the beloved original owner, Richard Viramontes,
until he became ill and passed in 2015.

2015 was also the year Liz became
the proud owner of the restaurant.
Coincedence Her husand is a Richard too?
Maybe not. Though she chuckles when I ask
if he's acutally involved in the restaurant.

The recipes and menu have never changed.
The faire is lite, lighter than your average
Mexican cuisine, mainly because they use
NO heavy lard.

Everything is made fresh daily and
Richards' boasts of their many vegetarian dishes like:
tacos, enchiladas, tostadas, burritos made with tasty
meat substitue - lentals, onions, brown rice, herbs -
AND Hatch green chile of course.

Breakfast is served all day.

Choose from 6 varieties of burritos, skillet special,
gringo eggs, Omelettes - including vegetarian,
Huevos Rancheros, Picadillo con Huevos
and so much more.

Choose from corn flour or wholewheat tortillas and
end with a delicious crispy sopapilla.

Red beans, red potatoes/papitas, fideo, pasole
and guacamole are samples of their sides
(all vegetarian).
or add some carne adovada,
maybe some chicken to make them meals.

They offer 5 varieties of Chile bowls,
like beef/chicken, beans and papitas.

House specialties are Carne Adovada
(Liz's favorite, was delicious), Chile Rellenos,
Tamales - buy em' fresh by the dozen any time.
They also offer stuffed sopapillas, nachos, quesadillas,
tostadas with generous amounts of meats
and huge mounds of guacamole,
mexi-burgers. Yum!
and many more entree's including
large salads.

They aren't offering dessert right now,
but Liz swears she has her
famous flan almost perfect. Soon.

The regulars, including children of children
and couples, like Larry and Carole pictured above,
drive all the way across town
(though Richard's is pretty centrally located)
to eat at Richard's and have been doing it
for over 20 years.
Larry says, "he loves the food",
but comes back for the bright, clean atmosphere.
He adds after a tilt of the head and some thought...
"AND the nice and friendly waitresses".
Carole nods. I always say
THAT behaviour rolls down hill. Liz is proof.

Thursday thru Saturday Richard's offers a special treat. Norm Senton performs.
come by have some great Mexican food AND enjoy some relaxing live music.

You can't really go wrong
at this bright cheery spot
and after your first visit you'll be thinking
gotta go to Richards and get some carne,
relleno tacos, Mexican food!
AND everytime you hear the name Richard
you will defintely think delicious Mexican food from then on.

Monday - Saturday. 8am-3pm

Breakfast served all day
Lunch 10:30-3 Mon-Fri
Sat. 11-3
Closed Sunday.