Souper! Salad!
2225 Wyoming Blvd. NE
(505) 299-6159

Who doesn't like a good buffet?

Soup or salad or pasta, tacos, potatoes, pizza, muffins,
unlimited drinks and dessert with lots of variety
to choose. Souper!Salad! has been at the
same location for over 40 years, but was purchased,
refurbished, revamped and redesigned in 2013
by Mark and Leslie.

Mark, originally from Elmhurst, Illinois, ended up in
Albuquerque via his dad's military pilot career.

Mark retired from the labs, after 30 years,
but had always wanted to own a restaurant, so in
2013 he started his second career.

The restaurant attracts the elderly, the health
conscious, families who like a variety,
parties of one. Comfort for all!
Most become avid fans and regulars
at the Wyoming location.

In fact, Robert McClure, a regular
for almost 20 years, standing with
Mark, on the right, made a special point
to grab my attention and say, "Great Buffet!"

The employees are consistent,
as well as, the clientel.

Maya, gorgeous, front of the house,
has been a server for 20+ years. She would
not let me take a picture, but I could see that
she was very friendly and familiar
with the customers and they with her.

These days Mark shares the
daily workings with his able body
beaming GM - Jeannine.

Elena the talented "Souper!Star!" has also
worked at Souper!Salad! for 25+ years.
She makes the soup fresh every day.

Her trending flavors are:
Clam Chowder, Chicken Enchilada,
and a very popular
Vegetable with fresh cut veggies,
Broccoli & Cheese, Chicken Noodle,
Santa Fe Chicken, Lemon Chicken and
and Red Beans Rice & Sausage.

Finally, we must mention Richard,
dishwasher extrordinaire,
who proudly touts 20 years of service.

The employees are consistent,
the customers are consistent
AND the food is consistent!

You will always find all the standards and
plenty of salad bar fixins, including spinach,
seeds and pecans.

Lots of options less than 100 calories,
with close to 30 items, including Quinoa Salad,
Apple Pecan Salad, Tuna Skroodle (a favorite),
Waldorf and much more.

They feature some low cal and no cal
dressings and home-make their delicious,
ranch, ranch/green chile
and blue cheese dressings.

The taco bar features all the frito pie and
mac n' cheese you can eat.
Might head that way first. ha.

The bread bar has several bread and muffin
options, like cornbread, blueberry, ginger and
"Berry Blast".

The pizza was pepperoni
on the day of my visit.

Desserts include:
Soft serve ice cream, chocolate,
banana with wafer cookies and
vanilla puddings, chocolate
fudge muffins, sugar free jello, fruits, berries
and the "Berry Blast" is short cake,
as in strawberry and whipped cream.

Coke Freestyle machine
with hundreds of options is
included in the price
of the buffet.

The "Theme" changes every
couple of months-
the current "Berry Blast", which includes
a luscious California Strawberry Salad,
and mandarine oranges.
A "Summer" theme is next with watermelon etc.
Seafood with shrimp and crab salads and
soups is a spring fav theme.

During the holidays they do
"holiday themes", including wild rice
with mushrooms, leeks and chicken,
pumpkin muffins and many other
festive items.

They can cater parties big or small.
Call for details.

Delivered catered office lunches
are a cinch for them. They currently
take care of a corporate account
and their employee's
twice a week on a regular basis.

Their "party room" can accomodate up to 25.
Reservations required. Please call ahead.

Whether you are a long time diner
or have never been to Souper!Salad!,
now is the time to check out
the new summer menu,
have some soup and pizza
and say hi to Mark, Maya
and the rest of the gang in comfort,
while enjoying a trendy delicious buffet.

Business Hours:
Sunday - Thursday 10:45am - 8:30pm
Friday and Saturday 10:45am - 9:00pm