Tint Your Windows!

You know you need to. You need to tint your car windows, that front bay window at your house and of course, those massive south facing ones at the office. Tint them to save energy, tint them to block the blazing New Mexico sun and most important tint them for your health!

The New Mexico sun is one of the best things about New Mexico, but it will cause havoc on anything it concentrates on and you know it.

Tinting not only blocks the detrimental effects of ultraviolets on your properties, it gives you privacy and safety. Safety you ask? Yes! Those babies in the back seat need their eyes and skin protected from the damage it causes. Saving energy is a no brainer-cooling costs can be cut in half...

What are you waiting for? It is such an easy fix.

Call Tintmasters on Carlisle. That business you have driven by a thousand times. You know the one who has been around for 40 years. The one that is family owned and operated, with a reputation so stellar they work with the city of Albuquerque and law enforcement. The one that uses all the top of the line products. The one who stands behind their work, no matter what. The one who makes it easy for you to get the work done with a simple phone call.

Barry was just a kid when he was introduced to tinting. He wanted his first car windows tinted and met some great people that unselfishly passed on their skill. Because there was not a lot of options available in Albuquerque at the time, he convinced his dad they needed to open a shop. And that is just what they did. Though Barry's dad retired in 2007, the business is still family run including (sister) and Daniel who has been with them for 13 years. The business has continued to thrive for so long because of pride in the quality of the products they offer, expertise, experience and outstanding customer service.

They offer auto, home, office window tinting ( ultraviolet 99% UVA & B), paint protection and custom dash covers.

Hours are: Tuesday-Saturday 7:30-5:00. They work by appointment only. The whole car takes only two-three hours. Home and office windows will vary.

Tint your windows! Protect your children, property and paint! While there get some dash covers.

For more info and technical advice go to:
or give em a call.

What are you waiting for? Tint your Windows!

3000 Carlisle Blvd. NE
ABQ, NM 87110