Wrights Indian Art

2677 Louisiana NE
1 blk. N. of Coronado Mall.
(505) 266-0120

If it hasn't been done
someone needs to write a book about
Wright's Trading Post Indian Art Gallery.

The oldest continuous business in ABQ,
original fabric of Albuquerque,
the generations of family history, the artists,
the merchants, the customers, the art itself,
the techniques, genres...
Lands sake! Maybe lots of books?

It was 1907 when the doors flung open
at the original trading post.
The story did not start there!

Charles and Katherine Churnoff,
the original traders migrated from Mexico,
though their heritage was Russian and French.
They were ambassadors for Mexico,
elite and worked directly with Pancho Villa.
Charles had also worked personally for
Fred Harvey of railroad fame.

They were politically exiled from Mexico
at some point, though not sure why
(politics has always been messy).
Thankfully they were given straight passage
to the US, issued directly by Pancho himself.

Charles and Catherine Churnoff
were adventurous, smart,
brave, innovative, kind, generous,
trail blazing New Mexican settlers.

Lucky for us, in their many travels, they had
rolled through Albuquerque a time or two.
It was a railroad stop
smack dab in the middle of the state,
protected by the majestic Sandia Mountains,
located near the rolling Rio Grande River.
an ace high plot, all the shoot,
pay dirt, perfect diggings,
for this founding couple to stake ground.

The first trading post blossomed
and thrived for decades at 4th and Gold
(downtown Albuquerque).

Though the Churoff years had surely journaled
a grist of folklore, storytelling and history, allow me to get to...

What is trending at Wright's today?

Whooa Doggy! Not so fast. First, we must address
Wayne and Tania Bobrick, proprietors from

Current generations know
Wayne Boberick as Wright's .
He is statuesque, gregarious,
larger than life, a pillar of the community,
total family man and expert in his field.

The business was in Wayne's soul.
When the Churnoffs retired in 1955
Bobrick easily took over the reins.
For 50 years, Wayne, with Tania by his side,
had successfully preserved and enhanced
his grandparents impeccable reputation
and quality of merchandise.
He had learned from the best and knew
for the business to thrive, he had to support
the lives of the artists and mostly
he had to protect the authenticity and
integrity of the the art.
Mission accomplished!!

Both Wayne and Tania
have always been about family
and have many extended
"family, children and friends".
Tania was a beloved APS Spanish teacher
for as many years. She knew the parents,
siblings, cousins of most of their local artists.

Dan, current owner, says proudly,
"Wayne and Tania are among the few non-natives
invited to participate in traditional ceremonials".

Though both retired in 2016,
Tania still cooks her authentic Mexican Sunday dinner
for their entire family (no less than 8). Every Sunday!
They are so family oriented,
that when the Bobricks wanted to retire
and play it forward, they knew it had to be
to family or no one.

Lauren, Wayne's daughter and his son-in-law,
Dan Hyman, were the perfect and obvious fit.

Both were residents of Denver at the time-
Lauren an accountant and Dan a retail manager.
The decision to pack up and make the huge move
and commitment became much easier
when baby Maryellen came along.
Staying with her all day long and
grandma and grandpa within touching distance
was too hard to pass up. Icing on the cake was
being able to incorporate their creative sides,
both being artists themselves.
Dan is an accomplished musician and
Lauren is now enjoying the marketing,
website, photography and
graphics for the artists and Gallery.

They continue to learn the business as
Wayne is always available to mentor and consult.
It is truly a win win win win win for all-
the family, the artists, the artists' families,
the customers and the business.

The Gallery offers native art and
ONLY "Native" art, from all over the country
including: pottery, jewelry, paintings, rugs-textiles, kachinas, sculpture, folk art-whimsical wood carvings, bead work, gourd work, multi media recyclable art, ledger art, storytelling art, pastels, fashion art, sandpaintings, glass, regallia, dolls, bone work, chest plates (non-ceremonial), leather-bags, fifteen plus mediums.

Customers come back year after year for a reason.
Insider info: customers and artists, around market time,
make Wright's their first and last stop.

Wright's staffs many family members as well, in a retail capacity, jewelry repair and much more. In fact, I was privledged to meet Alvin, their resident silversmith. What a master! His many family members and he - several famous talents - have been invlolved at Wrights for a long time.

Relationships, family, quality, integrity is and continues to be the mission at the Trading Post. The owners may have changed, but the philosophy is the same. Everyone is happy at Wright's Indian Art Trading Post and Gallery.

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Master series!